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standard fees

Firstly, as a new patient to the practice your initial consultation will be free.

When treatment is needed, nothing will be done without firstly explaining what is required along with any alternative choices. Our aim is to provide quality, affordable dentistry and end up with satisfied patients who are happy to return regularly.

There is a misconception that modern dentistry has to be expensive. Our patients are often surprised that their quotation for treatment is much lower than imagined.

This is why we invite you to have your free consultation and find out what we can do for you and what it may cost if you choose to go ahead with what is recommended.

Fife Dental Care

Most of our patients prefer to spread the cost of their basic dental treatment by using our dental plan.

Fife Dental Care maintenance plan costs £10.80 per month and covers your dental examinations, x-rays, hygiene therapy and emergency visits as well as providing global dental travel insurance for a small extra monthly fee [currently £1.43]

Members of Fife Dental Care also have access to a preferential fee list so if treatment is required there is also a benefit.

Any fees will be discussed at your free initial consultation but here are a few examples:

Hygienist visit

Tooth coloured fillings
from £35 [front teeth]
from £55 [larger posterior teeth]

from £295

Root canal therapy
from £95

Tooth whitening / bleaching
£295 [full mouth]

Partial denture
from £295

Full dentures

from £45

All fees are discussed and agreed prior to any treatment to remove any anxiety regarding both the treatment and the payment thereafter.

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